Halo cigs coupon codeEver wanted to try a menthol cigarette without anything that is considered deadly to the human body such as tobacco, tar, arsenic, etc? The CoolMist Menthol E-Liquid is your choice for a smooth crisp flavor that vitalizes the senses without the bad stuff.

Now what is menthol? Menthol is a substance that is mostly on the leaves of certain mint plant’s ( such as peppermint and spearmint). It is commonly used to clear nasal congestion, be a great numbing anesthetic, and helps with minor pain in the throat regions of the body.

How great are the ingredients used in CoolMist E-Liquid? First and foremost, it is made in the good ole US of A meaning good money and jobs being added into our economy. CoolMist E-Liquid also has the highest quality of USP grade ingredients (such as USP grade Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and Nicotine) from the most trusted pharmaceutical companies. Cool mist E-Liquid is FEMA GRAS Flavoring compliant, meaning that this product will not have any ingredients that is not forcefully standardized by the FDA and FEMA (such as Diacetyl).

CoolMist E-Liquid has a child safely seal, standard safety warnings, nicotine concentration “best by” dates, and a unique Lot Code for reference purposes. The thirty milliliter version of CoolMist E-Liquid also has a tamper evident seal so that you know that this product does not have anything that is not intended or to harm the consumer.

How does the product taste? CoolMist E-Liquid has a mellow, sweet, and smooth mint flavor that really hits the throat. This flavor is good for any occasions that is relaxing such as reading a book by the poolside or at a coffeehouse mingling with friends.

Each regular seven milliliter CoolMist E-Liquid bottle is worth five dollars and ninety five cents (without shipping and handling/tax) while the 30 ml bottle is worth fourteen dollars more (twenty dollars without tax/shipping and handling). You can also change the nicotine levels from low (six milligrams/milliliter) to the “Xhigh” Nicotine option (twenty four milligrams/milliliter). This option is great for those who just want flavor or a “kick” in their E-Liquid experience.

Another great thing is that CoolMist E-Liquid by Halo is currently available at discount with this limited time halo cigs coupon code. So don’t wait, start enjoying CoolMist E-Liquid now.